Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy

Application deadline 25 July 2024
Starting October 2024 in Vienna and Online

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Alma Mater Europaea University is an accredited university with 2,000 students from 30 countries and 25 PhD, Masters, and Bachelors programs. It was initiated by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts based in Salzburg, which unites over 2,000 scientists, including 37 Nobel laureates.

Alma Mater is known for its excellent faculty, research activities, and conferences. Professors from leading universities worldwide, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Columbia, frequently lecture at Alma Mater. Alma Mater Vienna is its Austria campus. It will start in October 2024.

Live your dream as a physiotherapist.

Excellent Education

Studying in small groups allows students to learn about the latest developments in physiotherapy, including robotics, prosthetics, wearable technology, and tele-rehabilitation.

Clinical Training in EU

Clinical training and practice in 30+ institutions in Austria and 100 abroad. A 15-year tradition with graduates working in Austria.


Alma Mater Europaea University is the largest PT school in Central Europe and has worldwide partners with leading physio schools. Its degrees are recognized globally.

Career in EU

Numerous graduates work in Austria, Italy and elsewhere in EU in hospitals, nursing homes, and health centers or continue their studies at EU universities.

Physiotherapie Studium Wien


Generous scholarships up to €9,000.00 for students from selected countries including Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.


Dr. Maximilian-Niklas Bonk

Academic Dean. Neurosurgeon specializing in innovative procedures and clinical research.

Dr. Christian Helfenschneider

Ph.D. in Health Sciences and Public Health. M.Sc. in Nursing Management.

Dr. Sara Liebert

A Harvard graduate and forensic psychologist. She teaches at New York University.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Klemen Jaklic

Doctorates from Oxford & Harvard. He taught seven years at Harvard and is a Slovenian Constitutional Court Judge.